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Beach Club

In Dubai

Open every Tuesday through Sunday

The first and original luxury beach club that combines elements of music, dining, entertainment, fashion, film and art into one destination.

11:00am - 8:00pm

T: +971 54 791 0049

Beach Club Dubai

The modern beach club venue features cutting-edge architecture and design with the brand’s signature all white décor, tribal influences and stylish ambience.

Guests can enjoy plush sun beds, a unique menu filled with flavorful food, lavish parties, exceptional entertainment and panoramic views of Downtown Dubai and the cityscape, including the Burj Khalifa.

Nikki Beach Dubai offers globally-inspired cuisine, with the tastes and spices representative of all the countries in which Nikki Beach is located across the world, spanning healthful salads, creative sushi rolls and freshly caught seafood. Amenities include an oversized leisure pool, swim-up bar, enclosed and open cabanas, ultimate VIP cabanas and a 4-tier shisha terrace.

Beach Club Dubai

Menu Highlights

Chicken Quesadilla (G) (D)
75 AED

Marinated chicken | Monterey Jack & Coby cheddar | Capsicum peppers | Signature spice blend | Jalapeño | Guacamole | Sour cream | Local beef tomatoes | Coriander

Miami Beach Caesar Salad (G) (D)
65 AED

Baby gem lettuce | Anchovy dressing | Parmesan cheese | Slow roasted tomatoes | Grissini sticks

Australian Angus Beef Sliders (G) (D)
120 AED

Angus beef I red cheddar | soft brioche buns | horseradish crème, Ihomemade BBQ sauce | crisp gem lettuce, pickles | hand cut French fries

Chicken Satay (G) (N)
140 AED

Chicken | peanuts | coconut cream | lemongrass | ginger | chili | garlic coriander | lime and bean sprouts | served with steamed Jasmin rice

This Months Favourite

Luscious Salad

(S) (D)

Lobster | prawns | Crab meat | Avocado | mango | pickled cucumber, chili and baby gem lettuce.

110 AED

(S) Shellfish (D) Dairy
Farm to Table
A fresh perspective at Café Nikki
Join us at Soul Lounge
Aperitif with a view
  • Farm to Table
  • Join us at Soul Lounge

Guests enjoy plush sun beds, a unique menu, lavish parties, exceptional entertainment and panoramic views of Downtown Dubai and the cityscape.

Dubai Beach Beds
Nikki Beach Dubai

A luxury destination for the discerning global traveler.

  1. Many shades of blue
  2. Luxury lounging
  3. The taste of relaxation
Dubai Beach Club Restaurant
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Beach Club
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